Shipping Macaron Boxes

Receive at home our
delightful macaron gift boxes
Champs-Elysées and Incontournable.



The Ladurée Easter Collection

Ladurée presents its new Easter collection created with a coloured and flowered spirit.

Discover this marvellous collection of delicacies both light and fruity
imaginated by our Chef of Pastry Creation, Yann Menguy.

Lemon Passion Fruit Macaron
"Pâquerette" box

« Pâquerette » Box of 8 macarons
Multicolor mayflowers box with at its heart a beautiful goose
that laid the golden eggs

Lemon Passion Fruit Macaron
Two yellow macaron shells filled with a smooth lemon and passion fruit cream

« Pâquerette » Dessert

Sweet pastry covered with a biscuit flavoured with lemon and hazelnut, soaked with passion fruit and yuzu, filled with a smooth passion fruit and yuzu cream and adorned with thin chocolate leaves.

Available in individual version, 4 servings and also 6 servings

« Poules aux œufs d’or » box

Box of 4 hens:
1 black chocolate hen filled with biscuit pearls coated with dark chocolate

1 milk chocolate hen filled with biscuit pearls coated with milk chocolate

1 white colored chocolate hen filled with biscuit pearls coated with dulcey

1 white chocolate hen filled with biscuit pearls



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Ladurée boutique

Ladurée Houses




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To find out the nearest Ladurée Beauté Reseller, please contact us at



Renowned for its talent and “savoir faire”,
LADURÉE has created a prestigious celebration
collection featuring delicious cakes and gifts.

Sharing a cake is a magical moment
of conviviality and emotion.
Your guests will enjoy this beautiful treat
that will make all your events unforgettable.

Contact us

Phone : +33 (0)1 40 75 40 78
e-mail :

is an art

For a wedding, a baptism, a bar mitzvah or to thank
someone, make your guests experience an extraordinary moment.

Choose Ladurée Fabricant de Douceurs :
macarons, petits fours, chocolates, sweets, delicatessen
and Champagne. And since unique events deserve unique creations,
choose wedding cakes made of pastries, macarons,
choux buns or Croquembouches.

Offer extraordinary

Extraordinary events should be celebrated with
extraordinary presents. Ladurée proposes you
refined gifts wrapped up in luxurious boxes.


The house of Ladurée welcomes you in a warm, refined,
elegant environment that is right for all of your events.
Its salons with unique decors on the Champs-Élysées,
the rue Royale, the boulevard Haussmann and the rue
Bonaparte are the places to select for your special events.

We would like to guide you in the preparation of your
professional or private events so that the time shared
with your guests is unforgettable.

BreakfastLunch or dinner
CocktailChocolate Event

Contact us

Phone : +33 (0)1 40 75 40 78
e-mail :


*Our prices can vary. Please ask for confirmation
when ordering. Our prices do not include delivery.
Non-contractual photography.


in a special enhancive box
for a unique gourmet experience!

Business Gifts

Activities and gifts for your teams

Building loyalty and boosting motivation


Contact us

Phone : +33 (0)1 40 75 40 78
e-mail :


  • We respond to your request for an estimate in 48 hrs.
  • A door-to-door delivery service to the recipients of your gifts or a grouped delivery to a single address in France or internationally.

Elegant and exclusive solutions for personalising your gifts*

  • We will include a card with your personalised messages.
  • We will produce a ribbon with your name or the name of your event.
  • We will mark a selection of our gift boxes (for long deadlines and large quantities).

*Solutions dependent on quantities, deadlines and the details of your plan.


To offer Ladurée Fabricant de Douceurs experience,
4 gift-cards :

€30 , €50, €80, €100


History of
the Ladurée

The story of the Ladurée macaron starts in the middle of
the 20th century with Pierre Desfontaines, who first thought
of taking two macaron shells and joining them with a delicious
ganache filling.

Since this time, the recipe did not change.

75 avenue des
champs elysées

This site imbued with a refined atmosphere and
charged with history seduced David Holder and his
father Francis Holder, founder of the Holder Group.
In 1993, they decided to buy this Parisian institution,
and to promote and enlarge the famous "Maison".

In September 1997, a new prestigious Ladurée address,
both a restaurant and a tea room opened on the
Champs-Elysées. President David Holder’s objective is
thus to bring back the great classics, which have
contributed to the reputation of this "salon de thé",
as well as to create an environment for gastronomic
creativity in Paris.


Each creation period is lived more intensely.
That is why, twice a year, as fashion designers,
Fabricant de Douceurs proposes new delicious desserts.


Thanks to the development strategy adopted
by our president Mr. David Holder for over 15 years,
Ladurée "Fabricant de Douceurs" proven to be more
than simple pastries and tea salons.
The establishment is today a landmark in the field of luxury,
whose powerful image abroad embodies the French
"Art de Vivre".

We owe the success of this brand image
in part to the unconditional support of our clients.
The Secrets Ladurée has been created for them
at their request.

A small
from ladurée...

In the same spirit and logic,
this new range of gifts is dedicated
to ever-increasing number of the brand's aficionados
the world over.
Each of these visitors hopes to receive or take home
a small memento from Ladurée, a little piece of the decor
which, for an instant, has allowed them to visit a
timeless univers.

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